Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Snow Day Assignment

I know how disappointed you must be that we aren't having Algebra today. To help out, I've come up with this assignment for you.

  1. If you have any missing assignments from the Moodle, today would be a great day to get caught up.

  2. If you need to re-assess, please make an appointment for Wednesday or Thursday, and then study so that you are prepared to do well on the re-assessment.

  3. Please complete these two problems in your notebook before Wednesday.

Remember that Wednesday is a PLC late start day.

See you tomorrow!

Update: A friend of mine just posted this on his blog - I'd love for you to hear your response to his question (in bold) - please leave a comment on this post (and on his blog as well if you want).

SAL KHAN: You're in tenth grade Algebra class. The teacher asks the student to do like six problems. "Oh my god." They're groaning. "This is the meanest guy on the planet." And then three hours later we're in wrestling practice and the coach says, "I want you to do fifty pushups followed by running three miles followed by another fifty pushups." And they're like, "Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Push me harder. I want to collapse." I mean, literally, sometimes people would collapse, they were willing to work so hard.
CHARLIE ROSE: So what's the difference?
It goes without saying that if you're Sal Khan or anybody else in the drill-based math proficiency software business, you should give Charlie Rose's question a lot of thought. Kids generally like sports practice a lot more than math practice so there's huge risk and huge reward here.

I don't think Khan's answer is wrong exactly but it's as though Charlie Rose asked him about the appeal of ice cream on a hot summer day and Khan enthused for a few minutes about the taste of the sugar cone. Sugar cones are tasty but there's a lot more to say there.

So let me load the question up on a tee and invite you all to swing away:

What makes sports practice satisfying and how is sports practice different from math practice?


  1. I think that people like sports better than algebra because you can get to be outside and running around having fun and in algebra you do not get to be active. also, if I had sports homework I would like it less.

  2. We must first look at how students view math. For the majority of students, math is an unnecessary skill set imposed by society. Whether this is true or not, it's irrelevant. As a result of this view, students simply aren't engaged in their learning. On the other hand, students see a strong need for skill sets in sports. Students choose a sport that they're passionate about, and are willing to put out the effort to be better. What students don't understand, is that they not only need to be competitive on the field, but they need math skills to compete in life.