Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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Lesson (pdf).

Your homework for tonight is:
  1. Watch and complete the Probability and Odds Video. As you watch it, please make sure you follow the directions/recommendations for how to watch and complete it. This should probably take about 20 minutes total, so plan accordingly.

  2. After you've completed watching the video, including working out the self-check problems in your notebook, then make sure you login to the Moodle and complete the free-response summary (sample) and submit your self-check answers (just the answers, you only need to show the work in your notebook). Please make a note of any questions you may still have and come to class ready to ask them and/or figure them out with your classmates.

  3. Don't forget about your Systems of Equations Math Write due on Monday.

  4. Play around with this Cold War Kids video for a while. Click play and then try clicking on each musician and/or clicking on the colored bars above each musician.

    If we set all of the tracks before we start, how many different videos could we watch?

    How many clips did each musician have to record?

  5. Here are two interesting articles about probability that you might be interested in.
    5 Worries Parents Should Drop, and 5 They Shouldn't looks at what parents typically fear will happen to their kids (but is actually pretty unlikely), and what they should be concerned about (because they have a higher probability of happening).
    Chances Are looks at a conditional probability problem involving the likelihood of having breast cancer is you have a positive mammogram. We won't be getting into conditional probability this year, but it's still an interesting and important article for you to see how probability is something you need a good handle on in order to make good health care decisions.

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