Monday, December 24, 2012

Our Kiva Loans

It seemed appropriate to make our loans tonight. You guys donated $73.01, which I matched with $73.01, for a total of $146.02. Since Kiva works in multiples of $25, I rounded that up to $150. On Kiva you can choose to donate in increments of $25 to one or more folks, I chose to give $25 to six different people/groups. I thought you might be interested in who you ended up helping (click on their names to read more about them).
  1. Mrs. Nga in Vietnam
  2. Catherine in Kenya
  3. Esi in Ghana
  4. Ama in Ghana
  5. Rosa Emilia in Nicaragua
  6. Jameelah in Jordan
Thanks for helping these folks out. Happy Holidays.

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