Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

We reviewed for the Final tomorrow (lesson, pdf).

Things you need to know for tonight and tomorrow:

  1. Bring: Calculator, pencils, laptop, and something quiet to do when you finish.

  2. You can start as early as 7:12a if you want. I don't anticipate anyone having any issues finishing in the allotted time but, if you need it, you can continue working into the second final.

  3. When you arrive the desks will be facing the rear of the classroom. Sit down, login to your laptop, and bring up the note card site. (Perhaps you should bookmark it right now.) Then I would highly recommend you close your laptop and put it on the floor so that you have plenty of workspace. Only get your laptop if and when you really need to access the note card site, which I think most of you will not (and the rest of you might only need it one or two times). Remember, you cannot type anything on your laptop during the final, only click to navigate between the different pages of the note card site (if necessary).

  4. There is an optional review session tonight from 7:00p - 7:45p online. I will send out the link to the Google Hangout via email (and also post it to the Moodle) at about 6:45p, and then we'll actually start at about 7:00. If you have questions you may ask them through the chat in the Moodle and then I will work them out in the Hangout. You will most likely want to maximize the video window (will look like a YouTube video) to make it easier to read. Again, this is completely optional and I will only be responding to any questions you guys ask, so it might be a really quiet 45 minutes.

  5. Prepare, but get plenty of sleep, eat a good breakfast, and come in with a positive attitude. All we can ask is for you to do your best, and I know you will.

  6. Sometime in the next few days I would really, really, really appreciate it if you would fill out this evaluation of me.

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