Sunday, November 25, 2012

Three Crucial Skills Employers Want You To Have

If you get the Sunday Denver Post, today's USA Weekend magazine insert had a very short blurb that talked about what employers want. It quotes Bill Coplin, a professor at Syracuse University and author of 10 Things Employers Want You to Learn in College, who says just taking courses and getting a college degree isn't enough. Here are the three most important things he says employers are looking for:

  1. Work well with others. (In other words, all that group work we ask you to do in high school has a purpose - learn from it. You can't just be good on your own - you have to be able to accomplish tasks in collaboration with others.)
  2. Know your numbers. (Dealing with numbers - particularly statistics - is valuable in almost all careers. Yea Math!)
  3. Be responsible for yourself. "I'm here to learn and help my future." (Take charge or your own learning. Don't wait for the teacher, be curious.)
Hmm, sounds an awful lot like what quite a few of your AHS teachers have been telling you. Just sayin'.

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