Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

No school on Wednesday due to the power outage.

Your homework for this weekend is:
  1. Since school was called off today, I thought we'd just go ahead and take the assessment online on the Moodle. Clearly I can't monitor you, so you're on the honor system. Please treat this like an assessment in class - sit down with paper, pencil and calculator and take the assessment in one sitting. Please do your own work and don't share the questions or your answers with anyone. Make sure you enter your answers on the Moodle for all three questions and then submit your answers.

    Once you start the assessment the Moodle will limit you to 10 minutes and then cut you off. Since this is an assessment, not a pre-assessment, you can only take it once on the Moodle (as always, you will be able to come in and re-assess with me if you don't do well).

    Please complete this before 5 pm on Sunday. If you have any questions, please let me know. Good luck!

  2. Organize your notebook. Make sure your notes are in good shape and your returned assessments are organized so that you can study from them for the final exam. If you haven't been filling out your student checklist in Google Docs, this weekend might be a good time to go back and get caught up on that.

  3. Review the draft version of Slope Rida with your slides (video version with audio below, slides shared here). I think there are lots of improvements we could make. Take some notes (on the entire thing, not just your slides) on changes you think would make it better - both in terms of looks, but more importantly in terms of helping to illustrate/teach the concept. You should complete a list of slide numbers and what - if anything - you think could be improved on each slide.

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