Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

Opener (pdf).

Lesson (pdf).

Your homework for tonight is:
  1. Work on your slide(s) for Slope Rida. Remember that your final draft is due no later than before you go to bed Sunday night (and preferably earlier.) Don't forget to share it with me in some way before you go to bed on Sunday night (here's the original assignment).

  2. Prepare for the Graphing Linear Equations Using Slope-Intercept Assessment tomorrow. There are a variety of ways to do that including, but not limited to: review the online pre-assessment; review your notebook and/or the openers and lessons posted on the blog; review the video, work some practice problems in your textbook or that you find online. You can, of course, also get help from me, another math teacher, a teacher in the Study Center, a peer tutor in the Study Center, or a parent, sibling or friend. Do whatever works best for you, but make sure you're prepared. The expectation is that you should all be able to do very well on this assessment tomorrow.

  3. Complete the Writing Linear Equations Using Slope-Intercept Pre-Assessment on the Moodle, and then fill out the self-assess part of your student checklist.

  4. Friday and today we looked at applying a linear equation in slope-intercept form to the problem of determining how long it takes alcohol to leave the human body. Hopefully you have an even greater appreciation for the dangers of driving under the influence, driving while ability impaired, and just the general knowledge that it takes an awfully long time to get back to normal ability after ingesting alcohol.

    While I would hope that as you begin to drive you make good driving decisions at least partly because you don't want to hurt yourself, your friends, or other folks you come into contact with, you might also want to watch the following for more selfish reasons to be smart.

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