Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

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Lesson (pdf).

Your homework for tonight is:
  1. Do as many (or as few) of these slope calculation problems at Cool Math as you need to in order to feel confident you can calculate the slope between any two points correctly. Keep track of how many you do and then enter how many you did on the Moodle.

  2. Due Monday, October 8th: In your assigned groups (you should receive an email with a link to your slide that also includes the other members of your group), create one or more slides (probably more than one) to illustrate your portion of Slope Rida. You can create these slides in Google Presentation, PowerPoint, Open Office, Libre Office, or something else, as long as it's compatible with Google Presentation/PowerPoint.

    While this is not due until Monday, October 8th, I need to see your rough draft no later than Monday, October 1st so that I can give you feedback and you can continue to improve on it (earlier is better). So please make sure your group shares their rough draft with me before you go to bed Sunday night. (I would highly recommend not waiting until the weekend to get started on this - you'll have a fair amount of Algebra homework this coming weekend anyway, so best to work on your slide(s) before that if possible.)

    What you need to share with me is the slide(s), the exact timing for each of the slides, and any other information I might need in order to achieve the effect you're trying to achieve.

    You can share with me in a variety of ways:

    1) If it's a Google Presentation, just share it with me.

    2) If it's something else (like PowerPoint), you can upload to Google Drive (choose not to convert it to Google Docs), and then share it with me.

    3) You can DropItToMe.

    4) You can attach it to an email (if it's not too large)

    5) You can bring it on a flash drive.

    6) Some other way I haven't thought of.

    I want to remind you that this needs to be quality work. We will be sharing this with the world and you want to make a good impression on folks, as well as perhaps help some other students learn about slope.

    You most likely will want to include some images. You might use technology (maybe Geogebra, maybe something else) to help you create the images, or you might hand-create them and then take a picture of it. But, in either case, this should be done neatly and professionally. We want this to look good, and do a very good job of explaining the concept. Make sure you have decent lighting and a good angle if you take a picture (if you're creating it with technology you should be able to control that even more). You might even use video - if you do, make sure it's high quality with decent lighting (and either no audio or audio that won't conflict with the song audio).

    You can use Photoshop or some other high-powered graphics software if you like, but PowerPoint/Google Presentations are both easy to use for this as well. You can insert an image and add text and drawing on a slide, and then export that slide as a single image that you can then insert on another slide (I can help you with this if you need it).

    You probably want to include some lyrics/text, but not too much. The basic text is white (with the black background), but if you want to use color sparingly in order to really highlight something, you can. Just make sure it help with the explanation and doesn't distract the viewer.

    You most likely will want to use multiple slides in order to bring in different elements at different times (to match up with the lyrics to help illustrate the concept). You'll have to be very careful with the timing - pay careful attention to the timing of your slides to match the timing of the lyrics. (Also keep in mind that we will be re-recording the audio, so that may change the audio timing just slightly, but the slide timing from my recording will remain essentially the same.)

    Work together. Use each other's ideas. Collaborate. Everyone contributes. Don't wait until the last minute. Come in for help or ask questions electronically. Share early and share often (with each other and with me).

    Here's your rubric: Knock my socks off.

    Here's the video - bad as it is - to give you the big picture. Please, please, for the sake of the world, help me make it better. 

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